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About Teresa Lewis From Light Hearted Services

Teresa LewisIntuitive Consultant, Brisbane Australia.

Teresa Lewis was born in Hay, Australia. Her ancestral lines are French and English. Her father was a sheep shearer. Her mother had a dream at the age of 16 to become a nurse and at the age of 50, finally went to university to achieve that goal. Teresa acknowledged her mother’s power of learning to have a vision to believe in your dreams and learning about having faith from a vision within. Teresa stated, “She saw the invisible and I came to trust it”

Teresa began her intuitive skills practicing her clairvoyance on friends, often doing intuitive readings at the kitchen table. She studied Psychic Development, ESP and Natural Healing for over three years and found a passion that flowed naturally. Her friends commented on her advancements in her readings and stated, “You are so spot on”. From a hobby, she took a leap of intuition, trusted her heart and began Light Hearted Awakenings, reading at outdoor markets in 1998.

After gaining a foundation of many spiritual tools, her thirst for knowledge in metaphysics lead her to attract some amazing teachers from around the world into her life, such as Joan Gattuso, James Twyman, Drew Lawrence, Ken Page and Dr Michael Mirdad. She worked closely promoting some of their tours and realized once the workshops and tours were over not much had consistently changed in her life. Old habits soon returned. Around 1999 all areas of her life began to collapse. She went through a devastating dark period physically, financially, mentally emotionally and spiritually. Internally and externally she kept seeking solutions for change. Somehow she knew there had to be another way, and that she must find a way to transform her life of just existence, pain and limitation, into one of abundance, freedom, love, trust and happiness.

She also knew she had a responsibility to teach others to act upon their own inner guidance, and to assist them to discover their power within by connecting presence to the head and heart.
She realized following your heart and developing intuition was the key.

Hence awakening your head and heart with light and presence became the focus of her life and by applying that to all areas to gain transformation, awareness and freedom from the past.
Teresa Lewis has appeared on stage at major conventions in Sydney and Brisbane she has spoken at festivals, radio, national television, networking functions and business launches. Teresa has many clients around the world and she is highly respected as a professional Intuitive Consultant, Coach and Clairvoyant.

Teresa is vibrant, she is self tutored and professionally trained in many fields such as;

  • An Internationally Authorized Magnetist and Mesmerism Trainer by Dr Marco Paret
  • Civil Marriage Celebrant
  • Workplace Trainer and Assessor
  • Alcohol and Drug Youth Worker

She is a switched on focused woman who radiantly sparkles especially when supporting the transformation in YOU!