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Online Store - Mesmerism EBooks & Hypnosis MP3s

Rebalance & Cleanse Your Chakras Hypnosis MP3


A guided hypnosis MP3 to experience an added vitality and resilience to the pressures of the external world.

SMEP Meditation 4 Part Program - Teresa Lewis


A guide for internal and external change in your life. 4 guided meditation MP3s + interactive PDF workbook to help with the reintegration of you!

A Journey Through Childbirth With Hypnosis (MP3)


This program was designed by Teresa with the help of friend and popular hypnotherapist Giovanni Lordi. It was developed in close consultation with a registered mid-wife and also uses proven clinical hypnosis for childbirth & pain management.

NLP 3 & QUANTUM PSYCHOLOGY for Beginners EBook - Dr Marco Paret


In this practical book you will find complete information on NLP3, Enneagram and Quantum Thinking. Quantum thinking is the most modern way to see the mind.

Awakening your Other Mind EBook - Dr Marco Paret


One of the reason magnetism is so powerful is probably because it activates our enteric brain, corresponding to the solar plexus and our hara center.

Hypnotic Fascination EBook - Dr Marco Paret


Gaze has an incredible power. Even our auditory perception of space is influenced by gaze and experimental studies have also shown that in social interactions a steady gaze is a sure asset and that the eyes can change the answer of our partner.

The Magnetic Gaze - Dr Marco Paret (EBook)


In this Ebook you will find a series of rare exercises and techniques on the real practice of hypnotic fascination. The present work on magnetic gaze is the companion book of "hypnotic fascination".

Easy Guide to Mesmerism and Hypnotism - Dr Marco Paret (EBook)


This unique Book is the new enlarged and complete version of the earlier "Easy Guide to Mesmerism and Hypnotism", with added text and notes.

The Mystery of Time - Dr Marco Paret (EBook)


This book is written so that you can recover your own existence and your time, and exit the daily state of hypnosis.

Magnetism and Energetic Ascent - Dr Marco Paret (EBook)


The key to Magnetism and Energetic Ascent is a concept called "Reintegration". Why reintegration? The answer thereto lies in another question: How far are we actually de-integrated?